pajama shark week! balancing act

It’s not just Shark Week a few weeks late– it’s Pajama Shark Week, our own week dedicated to drawings of Thresher the Pajama Shark.  He’s, well, a shark that wears pajamas (and a hoodie), and he’s my own contribution to the small but delightful genre of Friendly Shark media.  He’s very much a work in progress, and I hope you’ll have fun seeing how his design is evolving.

In this drawing, the distinctive giant tail of the real world Thresher shark takes center stage– or maybe the space Above the Center ring.  One of the things I wanted to do with Thresher’s design is really embrace the tail.  Many humanoid Friendly Sharks, including some of the best ones, are drawn as shark headed humans.  I figured a way to make my own shark character stand out would be to give him not just a tail but a big, flashy tail.  That’s why he ended up being a Thresher shark.   The pointed nose, large eye forward on the head, short dorsal fin and long pectoral fins (Thresher’s “arms”) are all based on real world traits.

Real Thresher sharks use their tails to stun their prey.  Our friendly Thresher uses his for a variety of other purposes, which we will be seeing as the week progresses.  For today, have a bouquet of “brushwork flowers that are probably roses”.

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