pajama shark week! possum

And it’s a comic!  A Friendly Shark comic is about a friendly shark, but the shark needs somebody to talk to or there isn’t going to be anything in those speech balloons (if there are going to be speech balloons in the design, which is far from a sure thing).  Other friendly shark comics have seagoing supporting characters: other sharks, remoras, sea otters, orcas, so I wanted to do something different.  So I started thinking: who lives in here in Indiana, has a gaping maw filled with undifferentiated sharp teeth, is cool looking and fun to draw, and has a prehensile tail so he or she can hang off Thresher’s tail so they can talk face to face?  An opossum, of course.  Or rather, a possum.  So Thresher’s “second character”  is going to be a possum.  I can already feel a personality developing for the little guy/gal, but no actual dialog has yet been written.

There’s definitely more to come from Thresher the Pajama Shark, with his hoodie and his tail and his possum pal, and of course his pajamas with their brushwork stripes.  Now that we have a Friendly Shark in our midst, any week can be Shark Week.

(Maybe next time I will figure out just how to capitalize everything in a consistent yet entertaining way.)

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