spam spam spam, etc.

No, not unwanted mass emails or phone calls.  Real actual SPAM.  Shiny foil wrapped SPAM, in fact.

But wait, you may ask– doesn’t SPAM come in a can?  In fact, isn’t SPAM famous for coming in a can?  Yes it is, and yes it does– a 12 ounce can, as a matter of fact, as is easily found in every grocery and megamart and convenience store in all the land, and probably throughout the world.

But then there is this:

The SPAM Single Classic: a 2.5 ounce package of SPAM packed in a foil pouch, like tuna or soft cat food. It is, as you might already be suspecting, one slice of SPAM, individually wrapped and ready to tear open.  Don’t believe me?

There it is.  One slice of SPAM.  In a shiny pouch.

More or less square. Put it right on a sandwich, I guess, or toss it in the frying pan for a single serving breakfast.  Tastes perfectly fine, just as you would expect: salty and hammy, exactly right for a slice of SPAM.  It’s probably a better shape for sandwich purposes than a slice off the 12 ounce piece you get out of the can, and of course you are spared the agony and inconvenience of opening the can, finding a sharp knife, and refrigerating the rest of the block for use later.  So if you want SPAM, and there is only you, and you are away from home …

But boy do you pay for it.  This single slice of SPAM cost our Food Testing Bureau $1.09 US on Saturday at the local Meijer megamart, and internet research found a best price of 99 cents at several outlets with $25 minimum orders.  (Note that these outlets list the SPAM Single Classic as a “3 ounce package” rather than the 2.5 ounce actual size.)

A 12 ounce can of SPAM costs less than 3 bucks– $2.64 every day at Wal Mart, just for example, about $2.30 a can if you buy a case of 8, and you can probably do better in bulk.  Unless you’re trapped in an airport or something (in which case you might be extremely glad to see this slice of tasty protein),  bring a knife and be prepared to share.  You want to share your SPAM, don’t you?  What about these guys?  These guys love SPAM.

(I did taste the SPAM Single Classic myself, but the rest of it went to our Food Testing Bureau Official Taste Testers.  They liked it very much, but not really any more than the kind in the can.)

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