(pajama) shark of the season

Happy Autumnal period!  It’s hard to define the beginning of fall in the Northern Hemisphere, at least until the first of October makes it “official”.  But there’s always a weekend in September when the days getting shorter, the crickets slowing down, and those first few red and yellow leaves making their appearance all add up to say that spider time is passing and autumn is on its way.  That is when it is OK to open up your commercial Pumpkin Patch.  That weekend, and not before.

I made this drawing of Thresher and his Friendly Shark jack o lantern a week or two early, but that’s just so we would be ready when it happened.  And yes, that’s an early Trick or Treat bag hanging off his tail and resting on his head.  He’s saving his candy for later because right now he is full of doughnuts and apple cider.  Here’s hoping you are the same.

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