the martian toy camera

Polaroid CUBE

Sometimes a lens can give you more than a field of view– it can give you a change in perspective.   So can a change in your work process– you could try automatic writing, or automatic drawing.  Or automatic photography?

One of my favorite toy cameras is my Polaroid Cube (mine is one of the old ones, without WiFi), which I carry in my pocket at all times.  It’s a 35mm cube with a super wide angle lens on one side and a pushbutton on the top– the simplest of all possible point and shoots.   It has no viewfinder of any kind and you have no idea what your images are going to look like until you open up the Cube’s sealed port and hook it up to your computer.

Polaroid CUBE

But once you do, that semi fisheye lens will offer you a whole new way of looking at the everyday world.  This week I turned it on my corgi pup, the Martian.

Polaroid CUBE

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