it’s inktober again!

Where have I been all week, you may ask.  Getting started on Inktober, among other things.  For those who might not be familiar, Inktober is a worldwide art project where artists take on the challenge of making a finished drawing in ink every day in October and posting it to the internet.  There’s an official prompt list too, if people want to use it.

I am doing the challenge for the third year.  As usual, I am using the prompt list, and adding a theme of my own.  This year, the theme is Kekionga itself- each drawing will feature at least one of the members of the cast, and as many as possible will be actual single panel comics, with things going on, character interactions, and sometimes even dialog.  I am posting them every day on the Official Pam Bliss Facebook Page, accompanied by comments and background information.  Please note that this is a public page– you do not have to be a member of Facebook or use that social media platform in any other way to read it and enjoy it.  If you do belong to Facebook, you are cordially invited to Like the Official Page; if you do so the updates will appear in your feed.  If you do not, just click this link and bookmark for further enjoyment.

Here is the drawing for October 3rd, just as a sample.  The prompt of the day was “Roasted” .

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