mint green kit!

Back after a few days of technical problems to talk about … the football.  Longtime readers of this blog know that my interest in Association (AKA ” proper” or “real”) football has been increasing for many years, to the point that I now follow a professional league and have a team and everything.  And where there is football, there is, apparently always going to be the Mint Green Kit.  We’ve previous discussed the issue of grown men playing football in Mint Green Outfits in international play here and here.

This year the long time Mint Green fashion trend has reached the English Premier League where it has infected not only my own team, the Tottenham Hotspur (come on you Spurs! maybe you will have your own stadium next year!), but also their North London neighbors and bitter rivals, Arsenal. (Boo.)  The currently fashionable accent color seems to be dark blue, with Tottenham (above) featuring blue shoulders (and an artistically counterprinted map of North London) and Arsenal (below), with blue lettering old school stripes on their socks.  A commentator described Tottenham’s  Mint Green Outfit as “a kit consisting primarily of a light green”.

These are “third kits”– the ones you wear when the sanctioning body rejects both your traditional first kit in your ancient traditional colors and pattern and your alternate second kit (often a solid dark color) as not enough of a contrast with what the home team is wearing.

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