stan lee (and a color special)

Stan Lee died a few days ago, and since then the internet has been full of tributes, critiques and well considered combinations of the two.  I can’t compete with the thoughtful essays of culture vultures and/or comic book mavens, all of whom have far more knowledge of both the comics and the context than I will ever have.

So I set out to write about the characters he created and co created, and ended up with a list so vast that it shocked me, and I have known and loved these four color people for years.  One site I found had them sorted by universe: the people of Asgard, the Inhumans, The Wakandans, the mutants of the X-Men’s circle. the casts that surround Spider-Man, Daredevil, the Fantastic Four, Doctor Strange …, the outer space of the Watcher, Galactus, the Silver Surfer …  It goes on and on, a list of hundreds of people I know by name, powers (if any) and personality, people I could take a shot at drawing from memory, people whose voices I can hear in my head.   Whatever else you can say about Stan, he created a body of work.

So I decided just to shut up and make a little comic.  My personal Mighty Marvel Team-Up happens to consist of two of Stan Lee’s characters: The Incredible Hulk (of his own comic and the Avengers) and the Fenris Wolf (of the Asgardian mythos), also known as Hulk and Fenny.   If the Wolf seems too small to you, remember that my Hulk is a very big Hulk.


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2 Responses to stan lee (and a color special)

  1. Rick Santman says:

    So long, Stan, rest well.

    I met the gentleman twice, once in the early 70’s, once in the early 90’s, had short pleasant conversations with him both times. Great raconteur, always a friendly smile, patient with my nineteen year old Fanboy questions in ’73, delighted to be The Face Of Marvel in ’91.

    All of my friends who met him in person agreed, he was just an all around gentleman and nice guy.

    His corpus of work speaks for itself, and at his peak he was as good a scripter as anyone else who had ever worked in the business.

    People will be mining his work, along with that of Kirby, Ditko, Heck, Ayers, Buscema, Severin, and the rest of the Marvel Pantheon for decades, and maybe centuries, to come.

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