friday after thanksgiving bonus: handprint turkeydragon creature.

(It’s not Black Friday related!  It is free and you don’t have to go anywhere!)  Yesterday I drew and posted my annual Handprint Turkey.  And then I went to lunch at Steak and Shake– one of the few restaurant chains that still offers a paper placemat– and I drew you a Bonus Handprint Turkey. **And** it’s a Placemat Handprint Turkey.  Well, a Placemat Handprint Turkey-Dragon Creature.  Drawn in a restaurant (mostly) with a ballpoint pen.

Technical note: I have posted placemat drawings here many times before, often with the note or caveat that the placemat is larger than the bed of the faithful studio scanner.  People have mentioned to me a number of times that it is possible to “stitch” together selections from different scans to create a complete image on the desktop, and this is the first time I have tried it.  The “composite” nature of this image is the result of my very first attempt at this process.  If I had continued in my usual workflow, I would have saved the image as a two bit file and again in greyscale, which would have eliminated to the color bleed through and gotten rid of the composite edge.  But I decided to show you this state because I am ridiculously proud that I have figured out how to do this.  Even though I am quite sure the average fifth grader today is much more accomplished at it than I am.

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1 Response to friday after thanksgiving bonus: handprint turkeydragon creature.

  1. Layla Lawlor says:

    That’s such a cool design! Very bird-as-dinosaur-esque.

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