doodle festival!

Found myself doing a fair amount of doodling over the weekend.  Doodling gear is highly flexible.  You can doodle any time you have a tool that makes a mark on some kind of surface, and even if you limit yourself to writing and drawing tools and some kind of paper as the surface, the options are pretty much infinite.  Here you see my very favorite combination: good old fashioned wide ruled canary yellow legal pad and a Zebra Sarasa gel pen, 0.7 point in this particular shade of red.  Zebra calls the color “porto”, but it’s sometimes sold as “mahogany” or “maroon”.  I buy them by the dozen from JetPens and do almost all my writing (plus a large amount of my doodling) with them.

This particular pen was new but had spent a while in storage, so it took some work to get the point fully lubricated so it would drop properly.  That would be a whole page full of work.  The upper right corner is redacted because of some spoilery notes.  The research questions in the lower right quadrant are “with which direction is the moon associated?” and “any cultures associate the wolf with a direction?”.  You may be able to detect some of the themes that may appear in my new story.  Then I reached the bottom of the sheet and turned the page …

The pen was working properly on the second page, which included these characters, and a discussion of the correct spelling of the word “pomegranate”.

Pomegranate, pomegranate, pomegranate.  Doodle and learn, doodle and live.

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