holiday cards

It’s been years since I sent out paper holiday cards, but I just had a brainwave– I could send some electronically via the blog to all my friends and readers!  And I had just the images, both taken within the week with my Polaroid Cube toy camera. I’m even offering both a secular and a sacred image, just like a real card company or the Post Office when it issues stamps.  So please accept, from me, Pam Bliss, everyone at World Headquarters, and the entire population of Kekionga, our very best wishes for the upcoming holiday season.  Whether you love it or just try to sleep through it, have as good a time as you can.

Card 1 (secular)

  • Whatever your holiday journeys,
  • may you find your way safely home.

Card 2 (sacred)

A joyous and peaceful Christmas to you and yours.


(From the lobby of the airport hotel, and of course, Menards.)

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