new drawing tools for the new year

My resistance to the TWSBI Eco fountain pen is very low.  This is a well known fact to anyone who reads this blog.  Luckily for me, and for anyone who likes my drawings, an Eco habit isn’t a bad one to have.  These pens have smooth, sturdy steel nibs, hold gallons of ink, are tough as nails and are surprisingly cheap. Which is good because they come in two body shapes (regular and T, which is vaguely triangular) five nib sizes (EF, F, M, B and 1.1 stub) and a bewildering variety of colors,  many of which are limited editions.  The result is a sensible, reasonably priced drawing tool that is highly collectible and about as easy to resist as potato chips.

This Christmas season saw the debut of the transparent green and transparent red colorways and the arrival in the US of the remains of the China-only pastel pink and pastel blue edition.  Hey, I manage to resist one of them.

My transparent green and red pair are a B and an EF respectively.  Those are the two nibs that make up a bare essentials complete set for me– I often use this pair in drawings and could make an entire comic with just these two if necessary.   See the nibs compared side by side below. 

The pastel pink and blue, being originally limited to an Asian market where small nibs are popular, come only in F and EF.  I thought I’d give an F nib another try, and since I like the pale violet blue color much better …

Either the F nib on this pen is different than the one I bought years ago on one of my original Ecos or my tastes have changed, because I actually like this little blue guy very much.  Note how much thicker the line is than the one from the transparent red EF  above.  I remembered the nib on my original to be much less distinctive.

So that should be the end of my pen purchases for the year.  My New Year’s resolution for TWSBI would be to introduce two new nibs– a BB for lettering and a larger 1.5 stub.  They want to sell me even more new pens next year, don’t they?  Maybe an orange one, or a transparent purple …

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