happy new year on the eighth

First of all, Happy New Year from Kekionga, home of the Famous Drawing of the Day, now entering its eleventh year (I think) or maybe its 12th. On New Year’s Eve last year (!) I drew you this peaceful late night scene in the Noakes Library at Sauk Trail.  Ever since the Y2K bug crisis that-never-was, the Library Powers That Be want staff on deck for the transition, and this year it was was the Archives’ turn on duty.  Looks like everything is under control.  (Like most shapeshifters with animal forms, Professor Lykander likes to sleep in his fur when he thinks he can get away with it.)

While I was making this little library drawing, turned inward toward the center of the page, in artificial light, and drawn with a small pen, I had the idea for a companion piece set in the junkyard, turned outward and upward, in natural light, and drawn with a big pen.  Peace to say goodbye to to the old year, inspiration and hope to greet the new.

Of course, I didn’t actually get around to drawing it until the fourth, and here it is the eighth as I post it.  Oh well.  We may have skipped that coffee and the resolutions are taking a while to kick in, but I don’t think 2019 is going to be any worse for a thoughtful start.  So have courage and an open heart, and don’t be in a rush.  Pace yourself.  We’ll get there.

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2 Responses to happy new year on the eighth

  1. Layla Lawlor says:

    I love that she’s warming her feet on him. (Or at least that’s what it looks like. Speaking as someone who occasionally uses a dog for that purpose.)

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