a cast in search of a western: drawing of the day

One of the things that sometimes emerges in a “lucky” drawing of the day is a cast of characters for a very strange comic.  (A lucky drawing is one that is not only automatic/unplanned, but also lacks pencil underdrawing; it’s strictly “straight to ink”.  When it works, you have a lucky drawing.)  When I don’t know what to draw I usually start blocking in a figure somewhere near the center of the page and then add to it in some way.  You may get two or more people interacting, or a figure in a setting, or a crowd scene, or most often a portrait of a person with an animal or pet.  And occasionally I just keep adding more small figures that seem to go with the first one, and I get a cast drawing.

In this case the first figure was the skeletal/undead/mummy in a cowboy hat. I made him a Marshal, put his Marshal’s star in his eye sockets, and surrounded him with the cast of a Weird Western.  The characters are a combination of stock or semi-stock characters  (the trusty mount, the Indian ghost, the Medicine Person,the Eastern Dude, the Dark Eyed Senorita) and various weird or ordinary animal characters.  But there are some extra strange things going on, particularly that anachronistic camera the Eastern Dude is carrying.  That looks like a Leica or similar rangefinder (in a leather half case), dating to the 1940s or 50s.  That may indicate some short distance time travel.  Or perhaps a reluctance on the part of the cartoonist to draw a Photographer character carrying around a view camera, a long legged wooden tripod,and a crate of glass plates, and then ducking under a curtain and setting off troughs of flash powder.  That actually sounds sorta fun.  Why didn’t I want to do that?

Regardless, the best things about this are the wistfulness of the Marshal, who is absolutely a tragic character, and the idea of a coyote Cerberus in a Western setting.

(Coming next week, a week dedicated to the celebration of the wild, weird and wonderful “lucky drawing”.)

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3 Responses to a cast in search of a western: drawing of the day

  1. Rick Santman says:

    Yeah…I’d read that comic.
    All four issues.

    • Rick Santman says:

      Maybe five. I don’t see how you could tell that story in less than a hundred pages.

      • Pam Bliss says:

        I think you could do a nice arc with these characters in a hundred pages. No plot ideas, though. Just the Marshall mourning some lost happiness and being all philosophical, and then the Dude from the East (who may be a reporter) comes in and disturbs the peace.

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