kekionga characters from a new story

Last week, during the Polar Vortex,  finished my first real story in a while.  The final version will appear in the OH Comics! anthology later this year.  The subject matter will remain a surprise, but it’s a Kekionga story and that means some familiar people will be doing some stuff …

a coelacanth is leaping,

Edison is playing the ukulele, under the supervision of his owl, Fil,

Jack is standing under the old oak tree, looking pensive and romantic,

And Josef is eating stolen ice cream.

Business as usual, really.  Many, many more finished comics pages to come this year if all (or even most) goes according to plan.

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2 Responses to kekionga characters from a new story

  1. Tom Cherry says:

    Many, many more finished comic pages sounds good!

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