being serene on deadline

Anybody else on deadline?  I’m on deadline.  I hope to have some images for you next week from the three (count ’em, three) projects I have on the drawing board right now, but for the moment nothing is fit to be seen.  If I can keep from drawing humorous cartoon sharks on the pages for the moody Gothic story at this point, that’s all I can manage.

When deadlines loom, I find the most refreshing break I can take is to practice another kind of art entirely.  For me, that’s almost always photography.  And when you can photograph a serene subject like this enigmatic carved figure at the local pop up art and antique market, being behind the camera is even more relaxing.  And challenging.  It’s an excellent combination.  Note that while I very seldom share an image of myself, you can see a bit of me in the mirror, taking this photograph.

As always, if you want to see more of my photography, I am on Instagram @kekiongacomics .

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