the cover of a minicomic

The cover of one of the new minicomics is finished.   First, I think I might be a little too involved with my semi-newfound ability to do white titles on a black ground with marker lettering.  I do kind of like the larger letters in “Another Mysterious Stranger”, which were lettered with that crazy Big Soft Brush Sharpie.

And second, joy comes with embracing one of Kekionga’s central tropes, which is that a majority of Junkyard stories start with a Mysterious Stranger coming to Bud with either a weird problem to solve or some kind of (humorously?) shady business deal.  It may not be “creative”, but it is what really happens when you run a junkyard at a Node Where Dimensions meet.  Just Another Day at Kekionga Salvage.

I know what’s in the box, but most of you will have to wait.

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