save the doodles! lacy placemat drawings

As part of our ongoing “save the doodles” project, here are three authentic placemat drawings.  These images are from the greatest modern tool for saving the doodles, the smartphone camera.  If you are out with a square crowd who will look at you funny if you carefully remove a paper placemat and carry it off uncreased so you can put it on the scanner when you get home, take a photograph with you instead.

A particularly square place will have placemats with a crunchy, lacy pattern that makes for an especially challenging drawing surface.  The standard placemat doodle drawing tool, the Pilot Better Retractable Ballpoint (Fine, Black) is particularly unsuited to this medium, so I feel pretty good that I got two interesting ones– and at breakfast, no less!

In the center medallion, a looming bat

And among the wreaths of leaves and grapes, a cool fat superhero.

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