fude bud and josef (fude festival pt. 2)

My first finished drawing inked completely with the fude nib fountain pen turned out to be this drawing of Bud and Josef.  Bud has a cockeyed halo decorated with various forms, and Josef is in full on sandbag mode.  (Sometimes when I draw Josef he just seems to have no bones at all.  I have decided that this is a thing Josef does.)

I have no idea what that symbol on Bud’s jersey is.  It’s too regular to be a slice of Swiss cheese, and that was the only idea I was able to come up with.

All the lines, from thick to thin, on this page were put down with the fude, a Jinhao Shark with the larger of the two? nib sizes.  Looking back, I was still being a little timid here–I have learned since that you can get even more radical line forms out of this pen.

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