meet “the extras”

The bell rings, and it’s time for comics fun.

The Extras is a new weekly webcomic by Jeff Lilly, Katie Hodges, and yours truly, Pam Bliss!  This is a good time to announce it, I think, since it is well started, with several pages already up under this beautiful color cover by Katie.  A new page drops every Friday at 3 pm Eastern Time here.

And that makes sense, since it’s After School, and The Extras is a school story: a classic boarding school story with an urban fantasy twist. Or lots of twists.  There’s comedy, there’s drama, there’s a whole City to explore.

Jeff is the main writer for The Extras, and Katie provides the gorgeous manga style artwork.  I do a little bit of everything–I’m the co creator of the setting, and the everyday co-writer, and I’ll be writing some of the stories with Jeff in the co-writer’s seat. I’ll be doing some art for the series as well.

So consider yourself invited to hang out.  School is school no matter where you are, and friends are always friends.


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1 Response to meet “the extras”

  1. Rick Santman says:

    Well, after three episodes, I’m intrigued. The only complaint, and it’s mild, is that we’re only getting a single episode a week.
    You should all work TWICE as hard, just to satisfy my need for more story!

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