picture-poem chipmunk day with hulk

Took the Hulk with me (in my head, at least) when I went out with the camera on a sunny summer day, and ended up photographing (mostly) chipmunks.  Hulk made some poems that weren’t quite haiku.  First, his introduction:

  • Summer day.
  • Hulk see mostly chipmunk.
  • Book say “chipmunk small kind squirrel”.

  • Chipmunk run away from other chipmunk.
  • Go up tree,
  • All green leaves.
  • Cheeks full something,
  • Maybe seeds.
  •  Old sidewalk cracked
  • Deep enough for sunshine chipmunk sit in.
  • Hulk just saying.

  • Camera get too close,
  • Chipmunk run away.
  • (That chipmunk thing.)
  • Photographer warning:
  • Hulk not chipmunk.


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