hulk poem september, plus what hulk look like if you want see hulk.

Hulk under maple tree, make poem

  • When leaves not change yet
  • but ready to,
  • Day when looks like rain all day
  • but not rain,
  • Make Hulk feel
  • anything can happen.
  • Something happen.
  • Rain on Hulk happen.
  • Not bad rain.
  • World smell good.

(I have been writing poetry in the person of the Hulk for a few years now, and I’ve noticed that his persona inside my head has been diverging from the canon Incredible Hulk, which of course is the intellectual property of Marvel Comics and whoever owns them now. But soon after I wrote this poem I saw my own Hulk in my head for the first time and I really wanted to draw him.  So I did.  I drew him often enough that he now has an official character design. I don’t know if I will ever draw him in continuity, since I’m not sure about the legality, but if I ever put out a collection of his poetry, maybe I can get away with a picture of the author.  Unlike the “real Hulk” he wears a T-shirt with his tattered Hulk pants.  In color, his key line will be dark green, and he himself is mint or apple green and web safe tan.)

Anyway, we have a Poetry Hulk.

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