best of the drawing of the day: fainting couch

In September I do some themed drawings of the day as a warmup for Inktober, where I will be working to prompt list.  My usual September theme is furniture, with a different piece of furniture in every drawing. Hence, this fainting couch drawing.  I am posting it here because I like how it turned out in general, and specifically because of the cat.

My work is full of animals and specifically of dogs and doglike creatures, but I have never before drawn a cat that I feel is a true character in my own style, a cat that could appear in continuity in my comics.  Yay– I finally have a cat.   He definitely shares honorable cartoon cat roots in the designs of Fat Freddy’s Cat and Bill the Cat, but this guy is his own cat thing.  If you want to suggest a name, feel free, but I already have a working name for him that I am pretty sure I like.

(What all this means is Inktober is coming.  I’ll be posting a “best of” selection here, but look for every Intktober drawing every day on my Official Facebook Page at   This is a public page and you do not have to be a member of Facebook to read and enjoy.  If you are a member, you are cordiallyare invited to Like the page and see my posts in your feed.)


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