cat again- punkins

The saga of the cat continues.  So far he is still “the cat” or maybe “The cat”, and I thought I had his formula down as 1 part Bill the Cat, 1 part Fat Freddie’s Cat and 2 parts the cat you see in the art of Ancient Egypt.  Except that this drawing, which is the first full body drawing of him that I really like, also recalls Snowball from The Simpsons.

The general reaction to a sketch of his head and topline that I put up on the Official Facebook Page earlier this week seemed to suggest that the handbuilt scribble black was the way to fill him in and I agree.  It’s certainly more interesting to look at, though harder to do, than a solid black fill.

I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who has cats and/or draws them regularly– is there anything specific I can do to make The cat look more catlike without disturbing his simplicity and cartoony-ness?

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