character creation as it happens

This guy is only a few hours old– he’s very sophisticated for his age, just ask him.  You may have to wait for the reply.  I have no idea what his voice is like; he may even end up being a silent character.

But I have been looking for this guy for a while– somebody simple to draw, not a child or an animal, but not clearly an alien or a monster, with a distinct “feel” to him.  (I couldn’t describe that “feel”, but I knew it when I saw it.

A little bit Wild Thing, a little bit doodle, a little bit egg,  with spoonful of John R. Neill’s Magnified Wogglebug of Oz and a big slice of Hieronymus Bosch.  That last has given him his name, he is Bosch, or possibly Bosh, with its added meaning of “stuff and nonsense”.

These images are phone camera photographs taken directly out of my Daybook sketchbook.  This has been the first real solution I’ve found to the problem of keeping both several different notebooks and at least two sketchbooks open at once and handy at all times.  Yes, I’ve given up– I’ve found a small cheap spiral bound sketchbook in a handy size with “good enough” paper, and I am just using it for everything except the drawing of the day.  I write, I draw, I take notes, I copy recipes, I’ve even painted in it with tempera paints once.  Except for that painted page, I am using both sides of each sheet and just basically letting things happen.  And things have definitely been happening.  All kinds of weird and cool things.

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