save the doodles– script editing edition

This blog supports the ancient institution of the doodle.  I certainly respect deliberate doodling, as a form of art practice, diary keeping, creative development, or meditation.  But the doodles I am saving here are the boredom doodles, the thinking about something else doodles, the time filling doodles, the something to do with your hands doodles.  The classic example is phone doodles, less common today than they used to be, but still sometimes practiced when on hold.  But there are also waiting room doodles,  watching TV doodles, and  truly epic jury duty doodles.

And now we come to the script editing doodle.  I’m old school enough that I like to edit short pieces of writing, like the scripts for short comics, on hard copy.  I just think better when confronted with words on real paper.  And real paper  is (first and foremost, always) something you can draw on.  So while I’m looking for a better line, an audience will sometimes appear in the margins.  (The pen, as always, is the Zebra Sarasa 0.7 gel pen.  The color is “Porto”, though you may find it listed in store catalogs as maroon, mahogany, dark red, etc.)

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