the mister rock files

What am I doing in these troubled times?  Loafing around on social media, glomming on to a random image that calls to be in a strange way, and spending way too much time turning the central figure into a character for the Kekionga universe.

Meet Mr. Rock, doll sized space adventurer /malcontent.  He is a foot tall bundle of plastic and attitude, dressed in a brightly colored but ill fitting uniform.  I think he finds the real world something of a disappointment.  And if he doesn’t like the “bicorder”, I’m sure he’ll have a lot to say about the pink Jeep.  But he also has all the knowledge of that copyrighted prototype whose name we can’t mention, so he may turn out to be a handy guy to have around.

I’m not sure why he’s green, except that I thought him up that way.  And really, if his species has green blood, why shouldn’t they be green?

PS– I love coloring scribbly sketchbook drawings that were not designed to be colored.

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1 Response to the mister rock files

  1. Sean K. says:

    “if his species has green blood, why shouldn’t they be green?”

    Seems perfectly logical.

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