the mister rock files, too

Sorry to be so absent.  This shelter in place time is really taking it out of me.  Oddly, now that we approach the traditional 40 days (the source of the word “quarantine”, after all) I find myself  feeling a little more stable and more like showing my work.  Mostly, I’ve been drawing and coloring Mr. Rock cartoons, and writing some stories about him.  The stories will have to wait until they are finished, but here are two of the cartoons.

In the first, we learn that Mr. Rock comes from Pluto.  Plutonians, being a cheap knockoff of Vulcans, share that people’s cultural obsession with managing their emotional landscapes and appearing cool and logical.  They just aren’t very good at it.  At all.  The  traditional garb of Pluto apparently features the “ringer” T shirt.

In the second, Mr. Rock makes his first appearance with a member of the regular cast.  A regular reader, on seeing this drawing was surprised to see how small Mr. Rock actually is.  I guess I never made it obvious before, but Mr. Rock is basically an action figure come to life– he is about a foot tall.  It was interesting to discover that Josef’s color scheme and Mr. Rock’s have a lot of overlap. 

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