the mister rock files again

The crisis productivity level has risen slightly.  (I created the bare bones of a workable magic system last week!  And wrote a minicomic about the entire history of the world!)

But what actually gets done is Mr. Rock cartoons.  Like this one.  For some reason, I am really enjoying the weird experience of flood fill coloring a scribbly sketchbook drawing inked with a fine nibbed pen. 

There is actually a story written where Mr. Rock sits in a fruit basket just like this.  (Presumably that basket will be better drawn than this one.)   One of the goals of these little color sketches is to develop a color palette for the Mr. Rock series to coordinate with the fixed colors already established.  I like the red and the purple, but am not sure about the orange.  For some reason I can never have an extensive palette that does not include this particular web safe tan.

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