still here, and i have doodles

It made me rather sad this morning to check back in here and see how long it has been since my last post.  All I can say about it is the last half of the first part of this crisis was much harder for me than the first half, and I still feel lost and unmoored.  But the blog goes on, even after the longest hiatus in its checkered history, and this is not a time to give up on anything for good.

So I have been working on this doodle project for our webcomic, The Extras.  (You did know I have been making a comic called The Extras with Jeff Lilly and Katie Hodges for about a year now, right?  It’s a classic school story with an offbeat setting and it’s really fun if I say so myself.  You can read it at   One of the characters likes to draw and I ghost her drawings, and this week’s installment is a page of her doodles with a little setting I wrote for them.  Click above to read!

But along with her doodles I ended up doing some of my own.  So here are three doodles that should remind you of some corgis you might know.

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2 Responses to still here, and i have doodles

  1. Sean K. says:

    Indeed, I have been reading The Extras since it launched, and it is fun! I had been wondering about the signature “ch A-M” that I’ve seen with your art, but now it is explained (I need to keep better track of the characters’ full names, apparently).

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    Thanks for reading. It was meant as a hint, and as you have discovered it was scheduled to be explained in due course!

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