a truly epic doodle

Doodles are usually pretty small in scale, but last night I put one of the most epic settings of all into doodle form. 

The sandworm of Arrakis is one of my favorite characters in literature.  He’s a McGuffin strong enough to power a galactic empire, he’s a god, he’s public transportation.  This particular example is somewhat bemused by his very high concept.  His facial expression is a call back to the masterful stick figure comics of Matt Feazell.

One of the challenges of sharing doodles with a wide audience is deciding how much, if any, to fix up the problems before you share.  I’m normally a purist– what you see is what’s on the original page when it comes to doodles and the simpler sketchbook drawings.  Over correcting can spoil the freshness.  But I couldn’t resist making three simple changes to this one, since I was adding a token signature anyway.

Here’s the original scan.  Can you find the three corrections?

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