mr. rock and the giant bug, etc.

Not everybody knew at the beginning that Mr. Rock really is a plastic action figure, about a foot tall, the size of a Barbie doll or an original GI Joe.  It was part of his original concept in my head, but I guess it never cropped up until I started putting him in drawings with either objects or other members of the cast.  Or, in this case, someone who is sort of somewhere in between.

Everybody knows the giant toy bugs you find as kid-bait in natural history museum gift shops.  The better quality ones are identifiable as actual species, but the more generic ones, with their ambiguous anatomy and bright paint jobs not found in nature, are often more fun to have around.

The one in this color sketchbook drawing belongs to one of the Kids– almost certainly  Moose, Murphy, or Nina, all of whom keep private collections of assorted toys who act out the most amazing dramas late at night or on rainy afternoons. No one could resist adding a giant plastic bug with a purple head, green eyes and a red and orange striped thorax to such a company.  Is Mr. Rock another member of the cast, or a “real person” just playing along?

Do these questions even make sense?  Is Kekionga itself just a grown-up version of my own shoe-box dollhouses full of tangle-haired trolls, flocked ponies, rubber spiders, and pom-poms with googly eyes?

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