minicomics live: finished script

If any minicomics script is ever finished.  This is as finished as it is probably going to get before it makes contact with the page.  There is definitely one place I will have to make a major decision on the fly.

Mr. Rock: Mission: Equinox v2

a Minicomics Live Minicomic by Pam Bliss ©2020

Random word list:  Equinox, Refuse, Clock or Cloakroom, Grace, Wild Rice, Rear Admiral, Spindle, The Iliad (changed it to the Odyssey just because), Diorama or Dinosaur, Review.

Cast: Mr. Rock, Rear Admiral Grace, a centipede, various objects and toys

p1 (right): cover: Space Opera style movie poster featuring Mr. Rock’s Shoebox Spacecraft,  the Pluto Star.

page turn

p2 (left) : (splash: Mr. Rock is in the Shoebox with a large book, a digital kitchen timer, and a plastic Stegosaurus wearing a cardboard Star Navy insignia on a ribbon around her neck.)

Mr. Rock (narrating): Tonight’s mission is simple: to confirm the Autumnal Equinox using the Celestial Chronometer provided.  However, it is complicated somewhat by the presence on board of Rear Admiral Grace, who is conducting my annual performance review.


two panels. each the same size

panel 1: Mr. Rock is seated on a large paperback book, looking at his bicorder.

Mr. Rock (narrating):I have been provided with a copy of Homer’s Odyssey for entertainment.  It seems somewhat bulky, so I turn to a download on my bicorder.

panel 2: He looks up and the Admiral is eating out of a box.  She chomps loudly.

Mr. Rock (narrating): The Admiral eats her box lunch.    The bicorder indicates her meal consists primarily of wild rice.

page turn


two panels, one large, one small

large panel:  The shoebox sized Pluto Star and a much larger ship made out of several bleach bottles taped together are silhouetted against the moon in front of a bedroom window

Mr. Rock (narrating): A moment of excitement when the sensors detect the presence of another ship on a parallel course, much larger than the Pluto Star and moving fast.  The bicorder confirms she is a Jovian Bleach Bottle bulk freighter.  She passes safely and is lost in the void.

small panel: Mr. Rock is reading on his bicorder again.

Mr. Rock (narrating):The hero of the Odyssey, whose name I cannot spell the same way twice, has encountered several seductive sorceresses, and also a Cyclops. Rather entertaining.

page 5

two small panels and a big one?


a giant space worm!

Mr. Rock (narrating): Mighty beasts in our world are a more serious matter. This was the largest Space Worm I have ever seen.

panel 2

it’s squirming around!

Mr.Rock (narrating): In spite of its formidable appearance, it is a harmless creature and I shifted the Pluto Star to avoid injuring it.

panel 3

the ship falls off the dresser.  in the background, a centipede or millipede is clinging to the screen covering the window.

Mr. Rock (narrating): Unfortunately, this disturbed our point of stability and, with only the local effect engines active, sent us plunging into the rift below.

page turn

p6 (left)

two panels- big one over a small one

panel 1 space opera hero panel. the ship tumbles, then jets up past itself with its main engine (in the center of the rear framework) activated.

Mr. Rock (narrating): I had less than a second to ignite the main drive.  It was a tense moment.

panel 2

montage with relieved admiral, clock, view of the moon.

Mr. Rock (narrating): We returned to the point of stability just as the celestial chronometer clicked down to zero.  The nearby planetoid was in perfect position: the Equinox was proved.

(caption or even montage could move to page 7??)


p7  return to the peaceful scene inside the shoebox.  callback to p2?

Mr. Rock (narrating): The rest of the mission was uneventful.  I learned to spell Odysseus. Unfortunately, I remain unsure of the outcome of my review.

page turn

p8 (left): back cover: two shot of Mr. Rock and Rear Admiral Grace

Mr. Rock (narrating): The Admiral, as always, is enigmatic.


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