minicomics live: the script, sort of

The first draft, such as it is, of the script.  I used 8 of the 10 random words in the seed, or 8 of 12 if you count all the possiblities.  Either way, that’s pretty good.  I think I am going to pencil the cover now before I finish the script– let’s let it stew a little bit.

(Lots of colons in a title is a good thing.  Thrilling adventures always have lots of colons.)

Mr. Rock: Mission: Equinox

a Minicomics Live Minicomic by Pam Bliss ©2020

Random word list:  Equinox, Refuse, Clock or Cloakroom, Grace, Wild Rice, Rear Admiral, Spindle, The Iliad (changed to the Odyssey just because), Diorama or Dinosaur, Review.

Cast: Mr. Rock, Rear Admiral Grace, a centipede, various objects and toys

p1 (right): cover: Space Opera style movie poster featuring Mr. Rock’s Shoebox Spacecraft,  the Pluto Star.

page turn

p2 (left) : (splash: Mr. Rock is in the Shoebox with a large book, a digital kitchen timer, and a plastic Stegosaurus wearing a cardboard Star Navy insignia on a ribbon around her neck.)

Mr. Rock (narrating): Tonight’s mission is simple: to confirm the Autumnal Equinox using the Celestial Chronometer provided.  However, it is complicated somewhat by the presence on board of Rear Admiral Grace, who is conducting my annual performance review.

p3 (right)

page turn

p.4, top of p.5

Various mission events:  Reading the Odyssey, the Admiral eats her dinner, the sighting of a Jovian Bleach Bottle,  a visit from a giant alien worm.

bottom of p5- crisis begins.

page turn

p6 (left) resolution of crisis, the Equinox is proven.

p7 (right)  return to the peaceful scene inside the shoebox.  (callback to p2?)

Mr. Rock (narrating): The rest of the mission was uneventful.  I learned to spell Odysseus. Unfortunately, I remain unsure of the outcome of my review.

page turn

p8 (left): back cover: two shot of Mr. Rock and Rear Admiral Grace

Mr. Rock (narrating): The Admiral, as always, is enigmatic.


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2 Responses to minicomics live: the script, sort of

  1. Sean K. says:

    How serendipitous to get “Grace” and “Rear Admiral”! I assume that the Rear Admiral is an engineer, yes?

    • Pam Bliss says:

      She is the toy dinosaur equivalent of Grace Hopper. How could I have done anything else? Yes, she is an engineer, though it doesn’t come into the story here.

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