mr. rock and the delicate blown glass unicorn

I have been drawing werewolves all week for a Halloween comic, but I took some time this afternoon to finish and color a Mr. Rock cartoon that I inked a while ago.  Unlike many of the Mr. Rocks I’ve posted so far, this one was not scanned right out of my sketchbook.  Instead, it’s a real finished drawing drawn on the actual drawing board on genuine drawing paper.  Mr. Rock copes well enough with this, and frankly, nobody wants to see a badly botched sketchbook drawing of a Delicate Blown Glass Unicorn.  Very few of the Kekionga characters are supposed to be “pretty”, and I have a hard time managing the whole concept under even the best of conditions.

Mr. Rock lives in two worlds (so far): the “real world” of Kekionga’s full sized characters and objects, and a “toy world” of sometimes-sentient objects in scale with himself.

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