about minicomics

This is where you’ll come to find out all about minicomics– comics you make yourself using a home printer or a copy shop.  A simple eight page minicomic can go from idea to finished product in a few hours, and from there you can go absolutely anywhere.

Also available:  a PDF of “Sparky’s Minicomics Tips”, Pam Bliss’ famous single page handout explaining all the basics, from what size to draw your pages to how to lay them out to make a great minicomic every time.

This handout is free for anyone to use,  and may be reproduced as many times as you like for educational purposes as long as it is not altered in any way.  “Sparky’s Minicomics Tips” has been used  in classrooms and by community groups with people of all ages, from young children to seniors.  No formal artistic training or experience is required for anyone to make interesting minicomics from his or her own imagination or life experience!

Until we figure out how to get a download set up here in the blog, you can get the PDF of “Sparky’s Minicomics Tips” at any time by email- just contact kekiongacomics@yahoo.com.



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