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Things to Want and Buy

This is very much a work in progress!   If you have any questions, or there are specific things you want to order, please email me at any time at

To begin with, I am dividing the price list into two parts: minicomics, other stuff, and how to order.  If you have any suggestions as to how it could be improved, the email address is right there.


(I have decided to list the minicomics chronologically in descending order; the oldest ones are on the top, the newest on the bottom.  Gaps in the numbering represent comics that are no longer in print.  Reasons for this vary; some were experiments that failed, others have been allowed to go out of print in anticipation of the big new paperback collection, Mammoth, due in the fall of 2013.)

Bud and the Bugs from Dimension X (MiniWorks #9),  16 page mini, yellow paper. This is the very first story in the current Kekionga continuity– witness the very first appearance of Josef, and learn how he got his name! $1.50

Kekionga Bug Book (MiniWorks #19), 24 page mini, white paper, full color wrap around cover.  Two complete Kekionga stories, plus sketches and extras.  What happens when Bud gives Jack the keys to a brand new truck?  And why does librarian Gideon Lykander hate working the reference desk? Recommended for new readers– this little book introduces almost all the crucial Kekionga characters and settings. $2.50  (see the cover in Josef’s character profile under ‘about Kekionga’.

mailbox (MiniWorks #34, eight page mini, speckled paper.  The first of the 2012 series.  $1.  Read more about mailbox here.


Pam Bliss started making minicomics at the height of the second (or was it the third?) zine revolution, in the heady days of Factsheet Five, print catalogs, and full post office boxes.  Those were great days.  For now, until various technical issues are resolved, will be selling comics the good old-fashioned way, by mail order.  It’s easier than you think, and as fun as you remember!

Send your orders and payment to:

  • Pam Bliss
  • PO Box 304
  • Valparaiso, IN 46385  USA

Minimum order $5.ooFree shippingFree stuff with every order. Checks and money orders should be made out to “Pam Bliss”.

(The Post Office reminds you not to send cash in the mail, but it has certainly been done, particularly with very small sums. Wrap it carefully.)


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