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NEW! Facebook: I am now on Facebook.  This was a very difficult decision to make after resisting its temptations for so long, but now that I am there I am enjoying it a lot.  My commitment to this platform is still tentative. You can definitely follow me there, and I hope you will if you are so inclined.  You’ll find both this blog and my Instagram on my public timeline, and I will post other notices there too.  Please read and comment there; I will definitely respond to you. For now, I hope you will understand that I am restricting my friend list to people I know personally in that weird world we call real life.  If that includes you, please send me a request.  This may well change as I get more familiar with Facebook.

I am now on Instagram!  See more photographs and read more of my weird commentary.  I’m kekiongacomics, or just search for Pam Bliss.

I have recently returned to tumblr and recommitted to the Hopelessly Lost Archive.  Expect updates soon.

The new, expanded Kekionga tumblr is the Noakes Library Archives and Bulletin Boards at

I think tumblr is one of the great internet resources for cartoonists, comics readers, or anyone who enjoys the visual arts and/or looking at pictures.  I have three other tumblrs which may interest my readers.

My general interest tumblr is a picture file, the Coelacanth Gallery.  I’m collecting images that I find interesting, beautiful, funny, inspirational, decorative or just plain cool, and you might like them too. “

And for all kinds of resources for making your own comics (or for working on any creative endeavor) from storytelling and art to layout and design, plus examples and advice, take a look through the Hopelessly Lost Toolbox!

Just for fun, I also collect pictures of people, animals and things shown in profile.  The images range from photographs to scientific illustrations to posters to paintings– all they have in common is that they are Looking Left and Right. LL&R is a queued blog, so you will always have a fresh profile when you need one.

The “Hopelessly Lost …” Archive  is up and running!  Read it here .

Hopelessly Lost, But Making Good Time is Pam Bliss’s long running series of essays about making your own comics.  Hopelessly Lost … previously appeared monthly on Sequential Tart  and you will eventually be able to read the entire collected series here on

The “Hopelessly Lost …” Archive will eventually be filled with more than 10 years of comics theory, art and writing tips, free advice (it’s worth what you pay for it!), and general musings from the cartoonist’s studio.  Extensive tagging and a tag cloud will make it fully searchable by subject.  It will take a while to upload the 130+ essays that are already in the can, but eventually I’ll finish it and possibly even add some more.

The Archive blog is up and running here, and the first three twenty eight essays are already posted and tagged. The plan is to post at least two revised and updated essays a week until they are all up and available for you to read and use.  If anyone has an advice or suggestions for the future of Hopelessly Lost … and the archive,  email me at

Thanks for listening.  I’m looking forward to sharing this ongoing project with all of you.



1 Response to find me on the web

  1. Rick Santman says:

    MOAR! Moar pictures of soup! (And drawings of “Soup” for that matter)

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