Kekionga FICTION!

One of the things you’ll find on this blog is fiction set in Kekionga and featuring the same cast of characters you find in the comics.  The stories range in length from brief snippets and ficlets to full on short stories, and most are illustrated, some with photographs and others with drawings.  You can find all the prose stories by clicking on the FICTION! tag in the tag cloud in the sidebar on the home page, but I’ll maintain a annotated directory here that will link you to each story directly.

  • Stories: These are the longer stories, usually told in the blog in serial form over several posts. 

Spider Time:  Spider Time is a full length short story about the events of a certain summer in Kekionga. It is also the origin story of one of Kekionga’s most popular characters! Narrated by Moose and featuring her and the rest of Those Kids!, as well as several other members of the regular cast,  Spider Time was originally told in serial form over 24 chapters. But it’s collected here in a single post for easy reading.  Illustrated with photographic art and a large color drawing.  Read Spider Time here.

  • The Illustrated Kekionga: an ongoing series of short stories, mostly written as they go, a chapter at a time, and fully illustrated by drawings made each day.

Christmas Wolves:  Jack spends his first Christmas in Kekionga, hears the legend of the Christmas Wolves for the first time, and learns more about his new hometown and his relationship to the family he has started to find there. Starring Jack, Iowa, the Professor, Josef and Bud.  Each chapter has a full color illustration.  Seven parts, beginning with a real world introduction here.

Iowa’s Halloween Costume: Iowa Ginsberg, apprentice Librarian and a lady and a scholar, hangs up the top hat and fishnets and looks for a more creative (and significant) Halloween costume.  Halloween fun in Kekionga, with glimpses of several other people’s costumes.  Fully illustrated.  The first Illustrated Kekionga story.  Six parts, plus author’s notes, starting here.

Midnight in the Moonlight in the Basement of the Library: Strange things are stirring the the basement of the Noakes Library on a certain Halloween night, and things get even stranger when they leave for a moonlight flight around the town.  The original version of this actually pretty important story. Fully illustrated. Parts 1 through 4, starting here, part 5 here.

Iowa’s Birthday Present:  Follow Jack Swann, rookie superhero, as he searches through Kekionga for the perfect birthday present for his Best Girl.  With special appearances by just about everybody. Fully illustrated.  Post 1 here. Parts 2-4 start here. Posts 5-9, plus author’s notes here.

  • Things That Annoy Werewolves:  TTAW is an ongoing series of snippets and microstories involving everyone’s favorite werewolf librarian, Professor Gideon Lykander, and the things that annoy him as a werewolf. Other characters found hanging around the library are usually also involved. Illustrated (usually) with photographs of the things.

Lenticular Bookmark Wolf (parts 2-4) (TTAW#1) : These three parts of the Lenticular Bookmark Wolf  series form a fictional story arc that is definitely part of the TTAW series, which did not yet have a title.  The library staff annoys the Professor with a lenticular bookmark. Read the rest of the series to learn more about the bookmark, but the story itself starts here.

Things That Annoy Werewolves (TTAW#2): Speciesist advertising campaigns.  Illustrated with photographs somebody took at the liquor store. Read the story that gave the series its title here.

Things That Annoy Werewolves 2 (TTAW #3) : Pretty much the whole six weeks before Halloween, really.  Sort of obvious, but there you go.  More details here.

The “Red Arrow” of the “Far West” (TTAW #4)  The Professor is annoyed by an English “penny dreadful” here.

More Things That Annoy Werewolves (TTAW #5).  Werewolves are actually excellent grandparents.  Read more here.

Things That Are Really Starting to Annoy Werewolves (TTAW#6), featuring something Iowa and Syd found at the flea market, is here.

  • Kekionga Snippets: Assorted short fictions set in and around Kekionga.

April Fool’s Day in Kekionga: The staff decorates the workrooms of the Noakes Library for the holiday. Very basic Photoshop skills on display, here.

A Matchbook Story: Moose of Those Kids! fame fills in the blanks in a homework assignment.  A found object story with artist notes, rather silly, here.

Ten (Imaginary) Facts about a Beautiful Victorian Lady: Shelley finds a vintage photograph of a beautiful Victorian lady, and her grandfather tells her some family stories.  A glimpse of the history of African Americans in Kekionga here.

This Halloween in Kekionga:  A trick-or-treater’s-eye-view of the Halloween decorations on the porch of one of our neighbors, the famous Old Radio Guy.  What happens when you knock on his door? A photo essay, narrated by Moose. (Mildly) spooky stuff here.

  • Wild and Unfounded Speculation: these ficlets are only tangentally related to Kekionga’s continuity.  Consider them flights of the imagination and take them seriously at your own risk!

The Shoebox Time Machine: a creepy time travel story about photography. Click.

White Van Thirteen: a secret agent in the driveway. Click.