movie time at the cinemark: den of thieves

A movie day in January can be a risky endeavor.  You may get a chance to catch a classy Oscar contender if you’re in the mood for that kind of thing, or you may be stuck with a filler flick, often either a kiddie special or a low budget shoot ’em up.  We sort of specialize in the latter, and some of them turn out to be rather good.  Den of Thieves does not (with two small exceptions, see below).  The moviegoing companion read a review which described it as “one of the several two and a half star” films the reviewer was writing about, and I feel the about same.

The rest is under a cut for no particular reason.

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superb owl weekend

I celebrated the weekend of the Superb Owl by drawing some owls as my drawings of the day.  Eastern Screech Owls, specifically, mostly because I still have the vague idea that there is going to be an owl character in Kekionga someday, and this not yet canon owl is definitely going to be a little screech owl.  They have interesting expressions, are camouflaged as tree bark, and are hard but fun to draw.  I would not call these superb owls.  Maybe more like pretty good owls.

(I also invented the Superb Owl cocktail, which is a classic tall tropical that would also make a good punch or pitcher drink:  dark rum and orange/pineapple juice, fill with ginger ale.  Goes great with American football, and possibly mice.)

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replacement possums

Finishing the “finished” art has been delayed because it turns out I had to replace two of the possums.  This is a thing that happens.  Sometimes you just have to replace your possums.

Here are the replacement possums, ready to paste onto the already overloaded collage pages of this very strange little “story”.  Or storylike comic.  Whatever this is.  One has a bit of a background, the other does not.

The good thing about this is that I think I have finally learned how to draw a cute little cartoon possum with enough real-life based detail cues to be instantly recognizable.

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Today in the studio: bright lights, small comics. This project *will* be finished today! The art, anyway.

(Lenka black and white from the new iPod touch.)

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the sad fate of the yeti

  • The yetis of winter
  • will soon be footstools
  • on the bottom shelf,
  • among the roses and Mason jars
  • of spring.
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    pen week part two– the scritchy scratchy pen

    Pen Week returns after a brief delay. The scritchy scratchy pen is the collective term for a succession of fountain pens with extra fine (EF) steel nibs that do the most of the small linework around here.  Many people use a dip pen with a crowquill nib for this job, but I have always favored the self loaders. For many years my scritchy scratchy pen of choice was the Rotring Art Pen EF sketch, but recently I have been hanging around with the TWSBI Eco EF and liking it better.  The nib is similar, but quality control is more consistent (my Rotrings varied enough in size that I had to color code them to keep them straight) and of course, being piston filled with the whole body as a reservoir, they hold what seems like gallons of ink.  So both these drawings were made with the current TWSBI scritchy scratchy.   No underdrawing in either, though some whiteout entered the story at some point.  Never did settle on a title for the second one!


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    pen week part one: meatball mammoth and other stub pen drawings

    The drawing of the day project is well into its tenth year, so let’s celebrate with a Pen Week, a week of drawings from the most recent drawing of the day sketchbook that feature automatic drawings, with no pencil underdrawing, made with particular pens.  Different nibs make different lines.  Let’s get a head start with a new favorite, the stub pen.  This particular nib is a 1.1 steel stub, on a TWSBI Eco fountain pen.  A very nice little nib.  Have a set of sketchbook characters dressed in the height of sketchbook fashion, and the famous Meatball Mammoth.

    (Note that I have kept up my post Inktober promise to continue dating and intitialling my drawings every single day.  So well organized.  Also, the solid blacks in the first drawing were filled in with a brush.)

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    in praise of the red velvet kitkat

    Cue up “Love Cats” by the Cure, and join me in celebrating the return of the elusive and much anticipated Red Velvet flavored KitKats.  For some reason, these are a Valentine’s Day seasonal offering, available only in the miniature size.  Look for the pink and white bag with the not-too-excessively heteronormative cartoon romantic couple on it.  (I got mine at WalMart, but they should be available anywhere midpriced consumer grade bagged candy is sold.)

    If you like KitKat bars, you can guess what these are like: sweet, crunchy inside smooth, the cocoa flavored wafers buried under a thick layer of “white chocolate” aggressively (artificially) flavored to taste like cream cheese frosting.  Hardly subtle, but so, so delicious.  If you like that kind of thing.

    And hey, the kitties are pretty cute.


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    the buddha in january

    The Buddha waits on red bricks/ his companion: a brave dandelion.

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    mystery drawings

    These are the base drawings for my experimental story for the Oh, Comics! anthology this year.  Any guesses as to what is going to be going on in Kekionga this week? And why are there two different versions of whatever this thing is?

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