Yes, you now can read complete Pam Bliss minicomics and other cartoon stories on the web!  Visit my webcomic site at or click on the links in the Table of Contents  to go straight to a particular story.  This new site is still in beta and your comments and suggestions are very welcome.  Comment on any post, or email me at

Table of Contents

  • Read an award winning Bud and Josef minicomic called Perpetual Motion. Just click here.
  • To read two one page stories, the Jessie Files, click here.
  • A sketchbook Christmas comic, starring Bud and Josef, is here.
  • If you want to know where Moose from Those Kids! found her name, read Mushawasing by clicking here.
  • Read Tonbo, a workplace romance about Jack and his new truck, starring Jack, Bud, Iowa (and of course Josef) here.
  • Fleek! is a junkyard story featuring Bud, Jack, Josef and the whole junkyard gang.  It’s short, it’s slightly nonsensical, it was co-written by Jeff Lilly, and you can read it starting here.

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