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minicomics ??, post 4: a pause for a question

One of the problems with new story ideas is that they must sometimes be put on pause until a previously unasked worldbuilding question is answered. As the script develops, it looks like a kid or two is going to have … Continue reading

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a better map of a classic imaginary place

This blog’s complex relationship with the works of JRR Tolkien is well known (search “Tolkien” for assorted links), but there’s no denying that Middle Earth is a complex setting that lends itself to the best in fantasy cartography.  And if … Continue reading

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a visit to historic italia

No wonder Italy is such an interesting place.  Watch out, Stromboli!(Placemat sketch, Italian restaurant division.  It’s times like this that I wish I could get into the habit of carrying one of those little Sharpie pens along with my regular … Continue reading

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on roman britain

Nothing can stop a writer from gathering research material on a project, even a long term project that has been running since the late 1970s and is almost certain to never see the light of day.I’ve been “working on” an … Continue reading

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