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santa and mrs. claus at the chinese buffet

American Chinese buffet restaurants are famous for their eccentric decorations.  Our local recently installed this eclectic display above the sushi counter, featuring two large green and brown ceramic planters with elephants at each end, filled with mysterious containers (one was … Continue reading


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mold-a-rama in kekionga

I’ve never seen these Mold-a-Rama Hoteis before, but I’m pretty sure there is a machine with this mold somewhere in Kekionga.  Or maybe it’s just somewhere in the timelines, and the reason there are so many of the sculpts around … Continue reading

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didn’t catch it!

I’ve never actually played Pokemon Go, but I think I saw a tall blue one this afternoon while walking the Dire Corgi. I didn’t catch it, and neither did the dog.

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A friend sent me this picture a little while ago. I’d actually seen it before; it’s been circulating around the internet for a while. It’s always been a favorite of mine. My friend suggested that this photograph depicts a Conference … Continue reading

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the great questions of life

Who needs ten pounds of blueberries? Nobody. Unless you are making lots of pies. Can I come over to your house?

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a most dangerous matchbox label

I don’t generally pass judgement on the characters I find on the matchbox labels in my online collection,  but I don’t think this woman should be given access to flammable materials.  She looks like she is having a little too … Continue reading

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fabulous in yellow

I’m not sure what’s going on here on this matchbox label*, but Mephistopheles is looking fabulous in yellow. * I suspect it has something to do with the necessary limitations of the three color printing palette, and perhaps a fairly … Continue reading

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best of the drawing of the day: my window on the world

The giant skull of an unknown and anatomically unlikely beast, hanging in the entrance of what seems to be a vast cave, half against a starry sky.  In the socket of its wide-open eye, a small figure watches with a … Continue reading

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happy little spaceman

At least, I think he is a happy little spaceman.  Maybe he is a happy little exterminator,  or a happy little chemist testing a powerful new fertilizer. The grass on that hillside looks awfully green.

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drawing of the day bonus: dress uniform

I found this elegantly dressed dude in one of my drawing of the day sketchbooks from last year, as I was searching for some illustrations for a new minicomic.  I remember drawing him and the half finished piece has always … Continue reading

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