best of the drawing of the day: steaming dragon

drawingoftheday-newnumber8-steam dragonMost people would say this was a cloud dragon, but I distinctly remember thinking that all the curly spiral forms were steam when I drew them, so a steam dragon it is.  It’s also a honking big steam dragon, if we take the spherical shape he’s sitting on as a planetoid or other cosmic object.

This is one of a whole series of drawings I’ve been making recently of animals with thick, exaggerated ruffs of white fur covering their necks and/or shoulders.  Normally, this means my subconscious is hard at work creating a new Official Kind of Animal, and while it is definitely not going to be a Steam Dragon, this drawing was a big step along the path.  Stay tuned for more about the new Animal.

Technically, you will notice that this scritchy scratchy pen is really well worn, to the point where I am considering starting to break in a new one.

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