work day

DSCF30640-my desk-crop-blogIt was a work day today. Except for a walk and a trip to Costco and a surprising amount of active photography– photos from Costco may turn up here soon.

But mostly a work day, so have a picture of my desk, featuring my mouse and my mug with a picture of a corgi on it and one of my many awesome bossa nova albums.  I tend to mess around with my cameras in the studio, where the camera cabinet and the computer are– changing lenses, downloading images and replacing batteries and memory cards at my desk.  Whenever you change something major with a camera, it’s wise to take a picture right away to confirm that everything is working properly before you get a chance to mess up an important shot.  So I end up with a lot of pictures of my studio, particularly my desk.  It’s rare that one is worth keeping, but I kind of like this one.  It’s truthful, down to the dim light and digital noise.  My life is full of digital noise.

(Fuji X100T, 1/38 at f/4, ISO 6400)

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