fabulous in yellow

d84c4e5ebfced9e522198802dd4c0eddI’m not sure what’s going on here on this matchbox label*, but Mephistopheles is looking fabulous in yellow.

* I suspect it has something to do with the necessary limitations of the three color printing palette, and perhaps a fairly innovative  decision on the part of the artist to not color the Devil the conventional bright red.

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2 Responses to fabulous in yellow

  1. Sean K. says:

    For some reason, the picture makes me think that he’s engaged in a controlled burn of a farm field. Judging from his carriage, it is also apparently a fashion runway (of course, when you’re this fabulous, what location isn’t?).

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    I love your idea of combining the fashion runway with major agricultural projects. The people who make “Project Runway” should consider this for a future season. (This outfit reminds me of some of the things you see on that wonderful junk program when they have to –gasp!– design clothes for *men*.)

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