bud and the bugs from dimension x: post 2

More from the very first Kekionga minicomic, photographed live in the living room while the studio is out of commission.


Bud!  What the heck!?!  Nina speaks for all of us when Bud, however reluctantly, smooshes a bug.  On purpose.  Bud is, of course deeper than our trivial, stereotypical ideas about Buddhism and Zen, and of course, he never claims to be any kind of mystic or teacher, much less a member of any religion or school of thought. 

He’s just a guy, you know, trying to do his best for his community and live up to his responsibilities. And if that means smooshing some strange bugs to protect his bugs, then he’s willing to accept the consequences.

Mr. Spit, of course, is just in it for the smooshing.

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