best of the drawing of the day: monumental

(This is the follow up to the last post with the great C.C. Beck art in it, which you really should go back and look at if you haven’t already.  It’s much better than anything an otter could draw.)

Iowa, Jack, and the Professor are visiting one of those more or less awful student shows at the Sauk Trail State Gallery, where they encounter a series of rather large silk screen portraits of local hero Foursquare.  Jack, off camera, is a delightful combination of smug and embarrassed.  You know the artist is one of the many young women who are crushing on Foursquare, a phenomenon that Jack is just structurally incapable of understanding.  She is just exploring the relationship between superheroics and celebrity, through the lens of the classic propaganda poster.  She could have picked anybody.

Iowa, of course, isn’t buying it.  The Professor is going to need another plastic cup of free wine.

The original image I based the drawing of Foursquare on  is a great old Fawcett cover where Captain Marvel is looking at an image of himself carved into the stone of a (lunar) mountainside a la Mount Rushmore.  As the Professor says, it is truly monumental.  (And here it is, finally– it’s the cover of Captain Marvel Adventures # 143.)

A quick look through the other Kekionga drawings on this site will show just how strongly Jack/Foursquare’s character design is  based on these classic Beck designs.  So much so that even the people in Kekionga are starting to notice.

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