read a complete comic! and more good stuff coming

Thank you, blogskateers, for being so patient while I got some stuff sorted out over the last few days. Now we have good news: a project completed (see below) two fun new projects in the sketchbooks I might be tempted to “sneak peek” sooner or later, and a new piece of fiction which, dog willing and the creek don’t rise, will start running next week.  I also went to the movies: look for a review of Spider-Man: Homecoming tomorrow.  (I thought it was pretty good, actually.)  And Friday we will host a visit from another of the 50 Superheroes.

The finished project is a complete comic for you to read, including (what I hope is) fun! creator commentary.  This is an important story for understanding Kekionga as a whole, and it’s all for free over at the Official Facebook Page. (You do not have to sign up for anything, give your name, or be a member of Facebook to go there.

Just look for the Celtic Wolves, and scroll down till you see Josef making a mess of the recycling.Enjoy the comic, and we’ll see you tomorrow as we get back on schedule.

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