minicomics ??, post 25, thoughts on spit’s stingray

When biking, Mr. Spit (the junior hero of the neighborhood and general purpose bad boy with a heart of gold) rocks a vintage Schwinn Stingray from tbe late 60s or early 70s.  This is an established canon fact, and I’m sure there’s a story there somewhere, one that almost certainly involves the junkyard.

But for now my interest is primarily in learning to draw this bike in continuity,  and that means collecting references.  And in that research I found these way cool period ads. 086da8c4981573bcf11c32139640bf3b41b4feec230db018d7edeeb62b1f218f I think Mr. Spit’s goal in life is to be as little like these guys as possible.

Cool bike, though.

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1 Response to minicomics ??, post 25, thoughts on spit’s stingray

  1. Rick Santman says:

    I believe that’s a first generation Sting Ray bike pictured. Far too many 12 year old boys racked themselves on the shift lever while doing silly daredevil stunts, and Schwinn quickly reengineered.

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